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Access control with PIN pad and 125 kHz RFID reader
(Product ID: 3082)

Standalone device for access control and door opening, suitable for home use, apartment block or office. The metal housing, waterproof (IP67), contains a 125 kHzRFID reader and a keypad for entering the PIN. It can work with RFID media, entering a PIN, or both.
Price/item: 41,00 EUR (with vat 50,02 EUR)
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Dispatching time: 1-3 days
Product ID: 3082


41,00 EUR

Total with vat:
50,02 EUR
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Model: SDC-612N-1-E
Operating frequency: 125 kHz
RFID cards that support EM4200, TK4100
Reading distance: 0-8cm (depending on working environment and antenna)
How it works: cards, password, card + password
Number of users: 1,000
Operating voltage: 10V-24v DC
Electric current ≤45mA for standby and ≤80mA for operating mode
Reading the output form Wiegand 26
Lock unlocking current ≤3A
Operating temperature -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Working humidity -10% ~ 98% RH
Indicators: LED, whistle
Protection: IP67
Dimension: 134 * 48 * 25 mm
Other interfaces for connection: output button, electric lock, alarm

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