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RFID Blocker Card Holder
(Product ID: 1480)

RFID Blocker Card Holder holder prevents all unauthorised reading of personal data inside the bank card...
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Product ID: 1480


116,00 EUR

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141,52 EUR
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Anti skimming bank card holder prevents all unauthorized reading and capturing of the personal data from the RIFD chip. A protective metal insert acts as a shield against radio signals thus preventing any misuse of the identity. The RFID Blocker Card Holder comes with one thumb slot for easy access to the contents when you need them. The card holder holds one standard bank cards, thickness 30 mil (0,85 mm)

Dimensions of the standard card: 86 x 54 mm
Outer dimensions: 91 x 60 mm
Inner dimensions: 87 x 55 mm
Material: polycarbonate
Colour: white

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